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Ty McArthur Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

Have you ever met someone and instantly adored everything about them? That was me with the McArthur Family. I am obsessed. They are gorgeous and darling and their oldest two kids, Avorie and Brodie, are the same age and gender as my kiddos. Seriously, I wish the McArthur's were my neighbors.

Burke and Jacquie's love story began at BYU-Idaho and has continued for 12 blissful years. Burke went to school for accounting and is a CPA, but his passion is investing in real estate and who can blame him in this market! Jacquie student to be a Dental Hygienist, but took a break from that world to focus on growing her family. They are the coolest couple that loves to travel and takes amazing trips. In 2018, Burke and Jacquie traveled to Taiwan and had plans to go back in 2020 with their entire family, but had to cancel... I'm sure you know why.

Avorie is 7 years old. She has a big, outgoing personality once you get her to open up. She has the most beautiful brown hair that looks almost golden in the natural light. She also has beautiful hazel eyes and a big smile that could brighten anyone's day! Brodie was just promoted to big brother at age 5. He is just outgoing as Avorie and is just as handsome as she is beautiful. He shares the same big smile as his sister, but has pale blue eyes that I loved so much! Both Avorie and Brodie are so excited about their new baby brother.

Ty McArthur. The new baby of the family and as cute as his big siblings! He has the same dark brown hair and it's too soon to tell what color his eyes are, but it will be exciting to see the tie breaker color. Ty has the sweetest cheeks and the best pouty lips if you get him in just the right pose. He is as sweet as the come and just like the other members of his family, he was a dream to photograph.

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