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Rocket Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

Remember my maternity session with Brandi and Matt? Well, let me introduce you to their perfect newborn son, Rocket! Isn't that such a fun and cool name?! It totally fits Brandi and Matt's personalities and honestly Rocket already fits his name perfectly. It's amazing how kids just become the name they're given.

For Rocket's nursery, Brandi and Matt chose a wilderness/woodland forest theme. For our photoshoot we wanted to incorporate that them, plus a little bit of space since his name is Rocket. We took pictures of Rocket with a star blanket, pillow, and little felt props that all played on his name. Brandi and Matt also bough Rocket a knitted raccoon outfit because that is the animal they chose to focus on for his nursery. He looked darling in his little outfit and the wooden bed (Which his grandpa made just for the session from a tree in his backyard!!!) tied it all together so perfectly.

As much as I swooned over the outfits and props, I couldn't help but take several photos of all of Rocket's tiny details. Those fresh newborn features will never get old to me no matter how many newborn photoshoots I do. I can't get enough of the tiny toes and figures, the pouty lips and the tiny nose.

Brandi and Matt were again total models in front of my camera. Brandi looked amazing and had the new mother glow just radiating from her. It was obvious that Brandi and Matt are totally smitten by their newborn baby and parenthood totally suits them. I am so dang happy for this new family of three and wish them all the happiness in the world!

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