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Riverwalk - Location - Logan, Utah Photographer

The Riverwalk location has so much to offer. Wide open spaces, a little wooden bridge and fence, a stream, and trees are just a few of my favorites. As of now, I have only had sessions at the Riverwalk during the fall season, but it is a location that would be beautiful from June through the end of fall.

One perk of the Riverwalk is that the fall colored leaves last longer here then in other locations such as the Jardine Juniper Loop. In fact, the fall colors last until about mid-October which is at least two extra weeks!

The Riverwalk is kid and family friendly. There is a parking lot, flushing toilets, and a sidewalk leading down to the area by the river where we take the photos. It is only 15 minutes away from the north Walmart and it is best to start a session here about one hour before sunset. The Riverwalk is a perfect location for you if you are searching for a place that is easy, accessible, and versatile!

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