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Tullis Family Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

After my photoshoot with the Tullis Family, I have one new requirement for all my future sessions — you must bring a puppy! Okay, I'm only kidding, but really!?! Can you even handle the cuteness!!. The Tullis Family brought a puppy with them to our shoot and I was in heaven! The sweet puppy helped me get some cute giggles and smiles from the families and he was pretty cute to photograph too! The puppy kisses I got were a bonus for me.

Aside from the sweet puppy, the Tullis Family was AMAZING. They were so fun to work with and they are the cutest family! Mom and dad, Blake and Brenda, have known each other since high school. Together they have six kids, four kids-in-law, and five grandkids. Pretty good high school sweet heart success story!!

When the family is together the love to ski and work in the garden (a dream come true for a parent). The family all currently lives fairly close together (also a dream come true for parents), but some have plans of soon moving. I'm so glad we were able to capture their photos for them before they start moving and can't get together quite as often. Family memories are so darn important and I'm glad we could make a few more for them!

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