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Baptism Sessions - Logan, Utah Temple - Logan, Utah Photographer

All photos hold special memories, but milestone photos seem extra special to me. One particular milestone that I love to photograph is a little one turning 8 years old and preparing for their baptism. It is common for me to do mini sessions for baptism photos so that I can photograph several kiddos in a few days, but I am available anytime of year for baptism sessions and can be contacted about that here. If I do offer the baptism mini sessions, I choose dates and times and then advertise them as such. I always extend the offer to those on my e-mail list first and more than not, the mini session spots will fill up just from my subscribers. That means that if you are following me on social media anticipating mini sessions, you may never even hear about them! To fix that, just click here to sign up for my e-mail list so you can hear about my mini sessions (of all kinds) first!

All of my baptism sessions take place in the same location: The Logan, Utah Temple. It is the perfect place to photograph a little one getting ready to turn 8 and getting baptized. I love photographing at The Logan Temple because it has beautiful grounds that offer a lot of variety for the photos. During the baptism session I take a variation of images: whole body, close up, and detail shots. This ensures that you have photos that are perfect for printing and displaying at the baptism, printing on invitations and programs, or posting on social media for family and friends to see. The temple grounds are closed on Monday, but any other day of the week the grounds are open to the public. I like to start sessions at the temple anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours before sunset. Baptism mini sessions are 20 minutes long and you receive 40+ edited images.

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