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Cal Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

The sweetest family welcomed the sweetest bundle of joy to their family recently. And it's a boy! His new big sisters are thrilled to have a baby brother to love on, dote on, and one day boss around! ;)

The Bellon Family was a dream to work with. Big sisters, Josie and Mara, were sweet and shy and wore the most tender smiles. Josie is four years old. She is a veteran big sister and it shows. The fact that she is an oldest also shines through her personality. In the studio she was more reserved, but her mom says that at home she loves to dance and giggle and tease all the members of her family. She is the coolest little girl that loves the mermaids and princesses, but she also loves all things superheroes and action shows. Her little sister Mara, age two, loves all the same things as her big sister. A true copy cat and second child. But she also has her own personality that matches a true two year old. She loves to read and et snack and her stuffed animals are her world. Mara has stepped into her new role as big sister so well and loves her baby Cal so much.

Claire and Weston have been married for seven years. While they are both form Utah County, they didn't meet until they moved to Logan. They have the best story of how they met! Claire told me, "we met at USU in the parking lot of Old Farm (I had a boot on my car from parking illegally, he came down and saw a perfect opportunity to meet me because I couldn’t leave, haha)." Weston embodies the phrase carpe diem! He is a civil engineer at JUB in Logan and loves all things outdoors. He can build or make anything which Claire really appreciates because she can always count on him to bring her big ideas to life! Claire studied interior design at USU and worked for a few architecture/design firms after graduation, but has shifted her focus to raising her now three beautiful children. Like most new moms she is working on rediscovering what she likes to do outside of spending time with her kids and caring for them from sun up to sun down.

Cal has been born into an amazing family. He is loved and adored by them all and will most certainly be a part of many adventures going forward. His parents truly are the people that try to live in the moment wether it's chaotic or calm or anything in between. Although time charges on for all of us, Clair and Weston try to make the best memories that both they and their children will remember for years to come. Cal is so lucky to have parents who value the little and big moments and to have big sisters that help remind their parents of that value from time to time. I love working with families who help serve me gentle reminders too!

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