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Clara Grace Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

The one thing that rivals my love for newborns is a toddler full of personality. My recent newborn session brought these two loves of mine together. I had the opportunity to work with a beautiful newborn girl and her totally two and full-blown girly big sister. And of course, their wonderful parents.

Two-year-old Adelyn (Addy for short) was such a joy to have in my home studio. She started out a little shy but warmed up quickly and before long was showing me her chatty side. She is a big Disney princess lover and brought one of her fairytale gowns to our session to pose for a few photos. With her beautiful blue eyes that draw you in and her golden blonde hair, she definitely gives the princesses a run for their money. Addy really looked like she had her very own fairy godmother and was headed to the ball with her prince any minute.

The prince in this scenario is Addy's dad, Nate. As far as princes go, he is definitely the kind to dote on his princesses and give them the best, charming life. When Nate isn't busy taking care of his girls at home, he is working as a Budget and Policy analyst for the State of Idaho legislature. He earned his bachelors and masters degrees from USU in political science. In his free time, he loves to read, work on projects, watch movies with the family, and compete in shooting competitions. His wife, Bethany also attended USU where she graduated with a bachelors degree in communicative disorders and deaf education (so cool!!!). Her leisurely activities include singing, crafting, reading, shopping, baking, and hanging out with her beautiful girls. Both Bethany and Nate are laid back and a little more introverted as well as kind and incredibly fun to be around.

The newest addition to the family is Clara Grace. She was the sweetest baby with wispy brown hair to match the color of her mother's hair. Her skin was smooth and free from those common newborn scratches, but I couldn't get over her wrinkly and peeling feet. She was the best newborn bundle to have in the studio. Her parents and big sister adore her so much and are already wondering how they ever lived without her in their family. The Osborn's are sending all their time soaking in the newborn stage and enjoying the beginning of their new chapter as a family of four.

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