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Olivia Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

Are you a fan of New Girl? If so, you've come to the right place. My recent clients, Paige and Brandon, are huge New Girl fans. They love the show so much that their sweet mini goldendoodle is named Winston after the character from New Girl! An excellent choice in my opinion! Winston the goldendoodle is a beautiful dog! He is loved deeply by his parents and has been spoiled for years because he was the only "kid" in the family. Paige and Brandon have now added a human baby to the family, but Winston will always be a loved member of their family. And he is so excited to be a big brother!

Paige and Brandon have been married for four years. They both work at America First Credit Union and they both work from home! They work in different departments at the credit union, but because they work from home, they are kind of like co-workers! They absolutely love it. In their four years of marriage they have done a lot of home projects. Paige says she sees a lot of fun ideas on Pinterest and then ropes Brandon into working on the projects with her. A fun couple activity if you get along well while under stress. :) Overall Paige and Brandon are a very fun and laid back couple. They like to go with the flow while also trying new things together and with friends and family.

The newest addition to Paige and Brandon's lives is little Olivia. She is already deeply loved and doted on constantly! She is a very calm and sweet baby. During our session she kept opening her big, dark eyes and I couldn't get enough of her! Paige told me before their session that she kept thinking, “I don’t want to forget how happy we are/how much we are learning right now." I couldn't agree with this statement more. It's easy to forget to enjoy the moments we are living in right now because we are constantly looking for the next thing. But taking time to enjoy the good times while you are in them is really the best way to live.

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