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Leavitt Family Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

One of the greatest thing about young kids is their pure innocence. Wendy and Trevor Leavitt love this same quality in their children as well as the amount of joy they have and radiate. After spending an evening with them I can testify that their kids are the definition of joy! We all had so much fun together.

Emma, age 8, is the oldest of the Leavitt kids. She has a kind disposition with a love for animals and bugs. Dolls and dress up are right up her ally, but when she isn't doing one of those things, she loves to be a pretend doctor at her very own clinic. She is a complete ray of sunshine. Jack, age 6, is the oldest boy in the family. He is full of determination and passion. Passion for planes, sharks, snakes, and all things boy. He loves to ride his bike and be with friends. Jack has the most beautiful eyes that are a brown/green mix. They draw you in and compliment his siblings deep brown eyes really well. Max, age 3, is the baby of the family. He is a shy little guy, but is a very funny three year old. He is a bundle of smiles and laughs and radiates sunshine at all times.

Wendy and Trevor are a power couple. Wendy is an anesthesiologist and a lover of music, life, and of course her kids! Her even skin tone are complimented well with her big brown eyes and brown hair. She passed her very best traits down to her children and those three kiddos couldn't be luckier! Trevor is a stay at home dad and one of the best. He is the fun dad that every kid wants to have and every dad wants to be. When he isn't watching the kids (and even when he is) he loves to ride his bike and ski. Trevor and Wendy have been married for 14 years and love to be together whether that relaxing at home or traveling (usually to the beach or Florida or both!). As a family, the Leavitt's like to spent time together no matter where they are or what they are doing. Some of their favorite activities as a family are going to Disney, the beach, hiking, and going to the lake. Basically they are the fun family that everyone wants to be or wants to know!

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