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Lis & Chris Engagements - Logan, Utah Photographer

I LOVE hearing a good engagement story and Lis and Chris's is no exception!

Here it is from Chris's side :)

She found out in December that I had a ring picked out and that I had asked her dad right after Christmas, but I said I wasn’t going to propose during the holidays. Christmas came and went, then she thought New Years was the day (because it’s her favorite holiday), but it wasn’t. Every day after that was high anticipation. She would get dressed up every time she knew we were going to see each other just to be disappointed when I showed up in jeans and a t-shirt. Two weeks went by and she kept getting more and more frustrated with me. I just kept telling her “it will be soon, you just have to trust me.” In the mean time I was preparing a huge idea. Then on came January 12 th . I had asked my sisters to take her out on a girl’s night. She thought she was just going to spend the evening with them. However, that was not so. They went to dinner, then they were going back to my sister’s house to watch a movie, but when she got there, there was a picture of us on the door and when she walked in there was a tunnel of lights with pictures and notes explaining why I loved her along with music in the background. The lights lead to the back door and when she opened it I was standing under a canopy of lights with a bouquet of roses surrounded by candles and lanterns. I got down on my knee and asked if she would marry me, she said “YES!!”

For the Groom: What things do you love the most about her?

Always caring, smart, beautiful, always cuts my hair, love of the gospel, love for your family, excellent kisser (Lis added this one), hard worker, her scrunchy face, love of music and records, passion of reading

For the Bride: What things do you love the most about him?

Devilish good looks, great upper arms, excellent olive skin, great hair, sense of humor, your big heart (how much you love everyone/want to make sure everyone is included), how much you respect women/your mom/your sisters, your adventurous spirit, how much you love your family and the gospel.

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