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Tony Grove - Locations - Logan, Utah Photographer

Seclusion, mountains, greenery, trees, rocks, meadows, and beauty. If you are looking for a location that includes this list of things, Tony Grove is the location for you! It is especially beautiful in the summer and/or fall. Summer in Tony Grove offers beautiful wildflowers and in the fall you will find the most beautiful aspens sprinkled with yellows and greens.

Tony Grove is located about 40 minutes up Logan Canyon. There is a travel fee to go up the canyon so be aware of that if you choose this location for your photoshoot. Tony Grove is family friendly for many reasons, The first is that there is an outhouse in case anyone in your group needs a restroom. The second is that there are amazing rocks and boulders and wide open meadows for exploring and roaming and fun.

Tony Grove does offer a beautiful lake where you can take pictures if you choose, but I love to shoot more in the meadows with the mountains and trees as the backdrop. Either place is fine for photos, it only matters your preference and what backdrop you are seeking for your photos.


In the middle of July, Tony Grove showcases a lot of greenery! There are beautiful dark pine trees mixed with a lighter green from the aspen trees. The ground is green grass speckled with golden plants and littered with gray and black rocks and boulders. All of this mixed with the distant mountains and blue sky make the most beautiful backdrop for any photoshoot.


Fall at Tony Grove is just as beautiful as the summer, but offers different colors. The dark green pine trees remain, but light green leaves on the aspens are replaced with vibrant yellows. The ground becomes more brown which adds a nice contrast to the green and yellow in the trees. The best time of fall in Tony Grove is typically the middle to end of September.

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