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Rigby Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

Is there anything better than a sweet newborn with very little, very blonde peach fuzz? If you’re thinking “no” then we can definitely be friends and if you’re thinking “yes” then you should rethink your answer! Fresh babies with their sweet newborn features and soft skin will always be something I love! Little Rigby Buff is my most recent obsession. I say most recent because I feel that way about all the newborns that I get to photograph!

Shayla and Matt are the brand new parents of Rigby. They are so excited to be starting their family and for this new season of life. If I hadn’t known it before hand, I almost wouldn’t have believed Shayla had given birth just a few weeks before being in my studio. She looked absolutely beautiful in her deep blue dress that brought out the blue in her eyes. He beautifully curled hair and perfectly manicured nails made her look like she just came from the red carpet instead of from sleepless nights at home. All this to say, motherhood looks great on her! And Matt complimented his wife so well at our session. The two of them have been married for 2.5 years, but it felt like they had been married for so much longer. They are such a great pair!

Matt is a Civil Engineer which translates to incredibly smart. Both Matt and Shayla love music and enjoy doing musical things together. They are both introvert extroverts meaning they are the perfect balance of getting out and trying new things and staying home and enjoying a quiet night together. Balance in all things! When they are outdoors the love to go to Bear Lake or play tennis and when they stay home they enjoy playing musical together or watching a movie.

I was grateful to spend a few hours with Shayla and Matt. Their easy going personalities were a nice reminder to me to slow down and enjoy the quiet moments, but also to take time to enjoy the crazy, chaos that life sometimes hands me. I’m so excited for them to experience their own peace and chaos as they step into their roles as parents.

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