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Right Fork - Locations - Logan, Utah Photographer

Right Fork is a really fun and different place for a photo shoot. Maybe you are looking for a change from the mountain scenery or maybe you are looking for a location with a grove of trees that doesn’t look like the woods. Whatever the reason may be, Right Fork could be the right location for your session.

Right Fork is a location on a paved road with trees stretching as far as you can see. The scenery is incredibly green from June-September. In mid-September the leaves begin to change and by the end of the month, you will be greeted by full fall colors.

Since Right Fork is on a paved road there is some car traffic, but it’s few and far between. It seems to be a road less traveled for whatever reason. When a car does come, we simply move to the side of the road to let it pass and the cars are moving slowly enough that it’s not a problem. Although the session does take place on a paved road, the parking for Right Fork is in the dirt. If you don’t mind a little dust, then it won’t be a problem. Located about 20 minutes from the north Walmart, Right Fork is a location with no cell service and no bathrooms. But don’t let that sway your decision from Right Fork—it’s a gorgeous summer and fall location that you won’t want to miss!

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